Katharine's Mini Quilts for Sale.

These mini quilts can be displayed on a pinboard, mounted on canvas or framed to add a flash of colour to a small space.
Motifs drawn from traditonal quilts: pinwheels, diamond in a square and nine patch are combined
with 'improv' techniques such as curved seams, tilted blocks and curved outer edges.

Each Mini Quilt has Katharine's label. To contact Katharine by e mail click on any quilt.
Price includes postage and packing.

Mini Quilt. Description.

Pinboard One.

Three motifs: Diamond in a square, quarter square triangles and a pinwheel are set between horizontal bands of fabric.
Inserted triangles add a balance to the bright orange and provide surface texture.
Size Height 7" (18 cm.) Width 9"½" (24 cm.)
Price 28.00

Pinboard Two.

A small collage of diverse fabric strips enclose a centre detail of squares on point. Half square triangle strips are included in the second and third borders. The quilting echos the design in the pieced section.
Size Height 7"(18 cm.) Width 10" (26 cm.)
Price 28.00

Pinboard Three

Repeated small squares set on point in a variety of colours. The inner border contains some vintage Laura Ashley fabric.
The lime green inserted triangles balance the centre nine patch.
Size 9" (23 cm.) Square.
Price 28.00

Pinboard Four.

Similar in composition to Pinboard One but with a set of three diamonds in the centre band. Quilted with variegated colours in 'Jeans Stich' thread.
Size Height 7"½" (19 cm.) Width 10" (23 cm.)
Price 28.00

Pinboard Five.

Log Cabin blocks surrounded by a strip pieced border made in a wide range of vintage Liberty Tana Lawn. Size 9" (23 cm.) square.
Price 35.00 Sold.

Pinboard Six.

A Log Cabin "Court House Steps" block with a quarter square triangle in the centre. Border strips contain sawtooth strips, curved seams with curved outer edges.
Size Height 8" (20 cm.) Width 10"(26 cm.)
Price 30.00

Pinboard Seven..

A Log Cabin block with asymetric strips or "logs" extended with sawtooth edging on two adjacent sides . The dark patterned border strips on two sides are made with vintage Laura Ashley fabric form the 1970's. Size 11½" (29 cm.) square.
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