Katharine's Mini Quilts for Sale.

These mini quilts can be displayed on a pinboard, mounted on canvas or framed to add a flash of colour to a small space.
Motifs drawn from traditonal quilts: pinwheels, diamond in a square and nine patch are combined
with 'improv' techniques such as curved seams, tilted blocks and curved outer edges.

Each Mini Quilt has Katharine's label. To contact Katharine by e mail click on any quilt.
Price includes postage and packing. Some items sold have been deleted but scroll down for more quilts up to Pinboard 21.

Mini Quilt. Description.

Pinboard 9.

A central variation of the "Flying Geese" block. surrounded by straight and sawtooth borders,
curved seams finish the outer edge. Size Height 11" Width 9". Price 38.00

Pinboard 10.

Similar in composition to Number 9 but with a different centre "Broken dishes" block set on point.
The Black and Red is an African damask sourced by Maggie Relph of "The African Fabric Shop"
: Size Height 11" Width 9". Price 38.00

Pinboard 13.

Similar in composition to Number 12 but with a centre pinwheel and a variety of colours in the small "on point " squares.
Size Height 12" Width 11½" Price 38.00

Pinboard 14.

An asymetrical composition in a variety of blue fabrics containing a tilted pinwheel and strips in varying widths
joined with curved seams and curved outer edges.
Size Height 9" Width 10". Price 28.00

Pinboard 15..

A Nine patch centre with seminole borders in a variety of colours, set in a green background.
The two outer borders are a combination of vintage Laura Ashley fabric and an Afican damask.
Size Height 15" width 15". Price 25.00

Pinboard 16.

An eight pointed star surrounded by a straight border in variety of fabrics.
Sawtooth borders top and bottom.
Size Height 11" Width 12" Price 38.00

Pinboard 17

Friendship Star centre framed by straight and seminole triangles ,
with inserted borders in the seams.
Size Height 12" Width 12" Price 38.00

Pinboard 18.

Three bands containing traditional motiffs, pinwheels and two diamond features,
inserted triangles in one of the seams. Curved seams and outer edges.
Size Height 7" Width 10". Price 30.00

Pinboard 19.

Log Churn Dash center block, set on point. Autum colours with straight and sawtooth borders.
Curved outer edges. Size Height 7" Width 10" Price 38..00

Pinboard 20.

A nine patch centre with seminole borders on adjacent sides.set into a marine blue bakground .
A variety of borders all joined with curved seams.
Size Height 11" Width 11" Price 38.00

Pinboard 21.

Central Ohio Star block, framed by straight seminole borders with inserted triangles
to reflect and balance colour in the border.
Size Height 10" Width 10". Price 38.00

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